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Natural & Holistic Solutions For You & Your Pet!

Welcome to Canine Angel!

If you are looking for expert help, advice & mentoring on how to solve your pet's health or behavioural problems or you would like to learn how to give your pet the best life you can, then you have come to the right place!

Using the most up-to-date human & canine psychology principles, holistic therapies, and kind and gentle training methods, you can be assured that Canine Angel has the best and most cost effective solutions to help you & your pet lead a vibrant, healthy and happy life!
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Take a look at Dog Psychology with Nikki Brown and Canine Angel

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What Canine Angel Offers: (In 90 Seconds or Less!)

Canine Angel is run by The UK's Leading Natural Dog Whisperer, Nikki Brown, who helps pet owners all over the world with her wealth of expertise, experience and knowledge in Natural Dog Whispering & Natural Animal & Human Health!

Canine Angel's Services are for pet owners who have perhaps reached a point with their pet's health or behavioural problems, where conventional medical treatment or standard dog training, have no more to offer and yet there is still a problem that needs to be solved.

We also cater for pet owners who are looking to achieve success with their Puppy / Dog Training or Rescue Dog Rehabilitation, by offering lessons in The Canine Species, Dog Psychology and Animal Communication.

Whilst we mainly specialise in helping dogs, our cutting edge technology and natural approach means we can also offer you and all your animals a full range of holistic therapies to help you both lead a happy and vibrant life!

We offer our services to clients all over the world through:

Skype or Telephone,
Home Visit Programs
Home Study Training Manuals & Videos
Workshops & Seminars

So no matter where you live you can be sure to receive the best care and attention.

You can find out more details about our services by visiting The Services Page and by completing the contact form.

Shopping with Canine Angel, great products chosen by Nikki to offer you the best for you and your dog
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Ethical Pet Products.

Shopping with Canine Angel, great products chosen by Nikki to offer you the best for you and your dog

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Take a look at Dog Psychology with Nikki Brown and Canine Angel

Our Canine Angel Team is also growing with new students studying to become Natural Dog Whisperers.

Our students are all dedicated and share the same passion of wanting to help others with their pet related needs. Together as a team, it is our aim help to you to solve and more importantly, prevent any health or behavioural problems from ever occurring.

We offer a discounted rate when you request to book one of our students to work with. More details can be obtained by contacting us by completing The Contact Form


Do you enjoy helping others and would you like a new career in Natural Dog Whispering and Natural Animal Health?

We are looking for the right people to train up to become Canine Angel Natural Dog Whisperers and would love to hear from you if you feel you have got what it takes! Please contact Nikki Brown with your interest at:

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Nikki works with top photographers to create the right state of mind for you and your dog to ensure the photographer captures that special shot.

Pet Portraits from Canine Angel

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