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Take A Journey Of Discovery With Your Best Friend!

Welcome, if you are looking for expert, help, advice, training and guidance on how to achieve the very best relationship with your animal companion, free of stress & worry, then you have come to the right place!

Using the most up-to-date human & canine psychology principles, holistic therapies, and kind and gentle training methods, you can be assured that Canine Angel has the best and most cost effective solutions to help your animal lead a vibrant, healthy and happy life!

What Canine Angel Can Offer You.
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Take a look at Dog Psychology with Nikki Brown and Canine Angel

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Discovery Programs from Canine Angel

Canine Angel is run by The UK's Leading Natural Dog Whisperer, Nikki Brown, who is often referred to as a "Real life angel" because she really does care about helping you to achieve your goals & ambitions in ensuring you find solutions to your pet's problems that really work!

Natural Dog Whispering & Natural Animal Healing is for those pet owners who have perhaps reached a point with their animal's health or behavioural problems, where conventional medical treatment or classical conditioning methods used in dog training, has no more to offer and yet there is still a problem that needs to be solved.

It is also for pet owners who want to learn more about the canine species and understand how dog psychology and interspecies communication methods are helping humans to bridge the gap in forming a very deep and trusting partnership and relationship with their dog!

A Natural Dog Whisperer will dedicate time, energy and wisdom to help you to look at the whole problem and find out where the problem is stemming from so the right training advice or holistic treatments can be given to ensure the best possible solution to be found for both you and your dog.

Natural holistic treatments can be beneficial to all small and large animals and whilst Canine Angel specialises in dogs, we can help you find natural solutions to all your animal companion's health and behavioural problems.

Canine Angel offers some very unique and special Natural Dog Whispering Programs which have been carefully developed over many years to ensure you achieve your goals and ambitions in having a healthy and well balanced relationship with your pet.


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Shopping with Canine Angel, great products chosen by Nikki to offer you the best for you and your dog
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Shopping with Canine Angel, great products chosen by Nikki to offer you the best for you and your dog

Canine Angel has formed working relationships with other expert holistic professionals so you can ensure no matter what your problem is, together we will work together to help to find the right solution for you.


The Canine Angel team is also growing with new students being trained up to help run the Natural Dog Whispering Programs for you. This dedicated team all share the same passion and goal in being able to help reduce the numbers of animals ending up in rescue homes or being put to sleep because solutions were never found in time or became too costly to fix.

If you would like to enquire about enrolling on the Student Training Program to learn how to become a Natural Dog Whisperer then please CLICK HERE

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Take a look at Dog Psychology with Nikki Brown and Canine Angel

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