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Discover How To Solve Your Petís Health & Behaviour Issues
Using 100% Natural, Kind & Gentle Methods!

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Welcome to Canine Angel!

Whilst we mainly specialise in helping dogs, our cutting edge technology and natural approach means we can help ALL types of animals, with their health, behavioural or training issues.

You can receive our expert advice, help, support & personal training through Skype, Telephone or 1-2-1 Home Visit Programs.

You can also study and learn about a wide range of Natural Dog Whispering subjects, through our home study courses and training manuals.

We also run training workshops & seminars throughout the year, so be sure to add yourself to our newsletter list on the left, so you can be the first to find out about these special events! To receive regular updates, helpful advice, training and tips, please also join our social media channels on the right of the screen.

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True Natural Dog Whispering Methods

Nikki Brown is a Natural Dog Whisperer and is qualified in both, Human & Dog Psychology, Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition, Interspecies Communication & Natural Animal Health.

Being a "True Natural Dog Whisperer", means she never uses cruel or dangerous methods, such as force, bribery, dominance or submission techniques with the animals she works with. She strongly believes that these are dangerous methods which can yield deeper, psychical & psychological issues for both owner and animal and knows that there are much kinder methods, which produce far better results.

Instead she uses Interspecies Communication Methods, which means knowing how to read the silent language that animals use to communicate their needs to others. By using these methods, she can quickly form a trusted bond with the animal and pinpoint the exact underlying cause of the problem and help to solve it quickly and effectively.
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We Offer Natural Behaviour Solutions For:

Puppy Training
Rescue Dog Rehabilitation
Problematic Behaviour Around The Home
Problematic Behaviour On The walk
Problematic Behaviour In The Car
Dog Anxiety & Stress
Dog Fears & Phobias
Dog Hyperactivity & Excitability
Dog To Dog Aggression
Dog To Human Aggression
We Also Offer Natural Pet Health Solutions...

Nikki also extends her wealth of experience in the field of Natural Animal Health and can offer you a wide range of natural & holistic solutions, therapies and treatments, to aid your pet into full health & well-being. For any treatments outside of Nikkiís area of expertise, she works with a list of natural practitioners which she can refer you to.
Good health and well-being starts with providing your pet with the right diet & nutrition. Most health or behavioural problems can stem from a poor diet and deficiencies in vital minerals. It is important to receive expert tuition and guidance on how to make any changes to your petís diet, so we have full training available in the area too.

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Bio Resonance Therapy...

We use one of the most advanced and effective†Bio Resonance
balancing & remedy selection systems†in†energetic medicine called,†
The E-Lybra Scanner
. This revolutionary, fully automatic
PC-based analysis, tests for over 285,000 different imbalances,
disorders (physical & psychological) & destructive substances.
To analyse what is going on in your animalís entire system, we just need a hair, feather or wool sample from them. Once the scanner has located the imbalances, it will select the exact natural remedies needed and tailor-make a specific Bio Resonance Formula, which is then charged into the E-Pendant. This is then simply attached to your petís collar, so it can receive the energy balancing it needs, without the need for any potions or pills.

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Our Services Are Available Worldwide

The Skype or Telephone Breakthrough Session - £52.50

No matter how far away you live, you can gain access to this confidential service, which allows you speak openly about the issues you want to gain Nikkiís expert opinion and advice on. The Breakthrough Session is an hour long service that can be purchased on its own, or as part of a full home visit program.
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Your Personally Designed Training & Mentoring Program, Including Home Visit & Lifetime Support Guarantee

During your Breakthrough Session, your needs can be discussed and it maybe that you require extra 1-2-1 tuition from Nikki through a Home Visit Program in order to completely solve the issues you are currently facing.

Depending on the problems that you need solving, will depend on which services you will need. Because every individual case is different, Nikki will personally design your Home Visit Training Program and provide you with full details of your program, along with an accurate quotation for the time and cost investments involved, once your Breakthrough Session has been completed.

All Home Visit Programs come with our Lifetime Support Guarantee, which means that you can have peace of mind that you will always have Nikkiís expert advice and opinion to call upon right throughout the life of your pet at No Extra Charge! .

The Complete Natural Dog Whispering
Training Manual

You can receive Nikkiís, Complete NDW Training Manual on your Home Visit Program, but if you are looking for the most up-to date, Dog Psychology Home Study Course, then this manual is the one for you. You can use this manual to improve your skills with your own dog, or if you own a pet related business or want to work with animals, then this home study course is ideal!
Please contact us by email to request your home study prospectus.

Bespoke Made To Measure Harness
& Training Lead Sets

Providing your dog with the comfortable & safe walking equipment is essential to achieving a balanced and pleasant walk for both of you. Just as we need a good fitting pair of shoes for a comfortable and safe walk, your dog needs its equipment to fit perfectly too.

Our harnesses come in two amazingly soft and durable materials:

1) High Grade Quality Fleece
2) Quick Dry Air Mesh

Our matching training leads have been designed with your comfort in mind too! You will be hard pushed to find a more comfortable lead in your hand than this one.

With three rings on the lead and two on the harness you can use this kit in multiple of ways, to bring your dog back into perfect balance whilst attached to you.

Our professional bespoke service means our measuring expert will call you to help you take the exact measurements of your dog/s, so we can ensure to provide you with a perfect fitting harness first time!

We deliver worldwide and depending on where you live we can have your items made and sent to you within 2-4 weeks.

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Ethical & Natural Pet Products

We only ever sell products that we have tried & tested out in the field ourselves and know to provide completely safe & lasting solutions for our clients. We are in the process of adding more products to our shop, but will not ever sell anything that could potentially harm your pet or the environment.

Browse our range of natural & ethical pet products in our Online Shop!

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